Color Tools

Hello from Bitcamp by the way! This is a largely incoherent list, largely written because I'm tired of leafing through other people's Top 10 Color compilation posts.

Colour Code

This is the most underrated site. This is the site I keep misplacing. IT WILL EXPORT INTO SASS VARIABLES. But do save your work, because you might accidentally wipe your carefully chosen palette.

Adobe Kuler

Pretty decent community stuff and the tools for exporting a palette to Adobe Products is nice.


Strength is its community.

Color Hexa

"The encyclopedia of colors." Really great for picking neighboring colors, by hue/saturation/lightness/whatever.


Give this a color. It'll spit back colors that are between the given color, white, and black. Whooooooo.

Color Blend

Give it two colors and the number of midpoints you want, and it'll give you color midpoints.