Octopus (2)

Second Progress shot of Octopus

I think I've gotten to the part of The Painting Process when I can allow myself to acknowledge this painting as "real," which is a nice feeling.

Fabric is not Cardboard, apparently.

At some point, I developed the habit of pressing my pinky against the painting surface to steady my hands. (The painting is 12" x 12". Those suckers are kinda tiny.) Now, I usually paint on canvas board, which is canvas cloth glued onto cardboard, because they're cheaper and take up less space. This piece, on the other hand, is stretched canvas. I'm really hoping I manage to NOT leave pinky dents all over this piece, but I'm sure I have spare shims somewhere to stretch this canvas a liiiiiittle more just in case.


By the way, I tag my entries, whoo! So if you want to follow the progress of this specific piece, refresh this link and every so often, there will be different octopuses. 🐙


There are like 3 unpublished, half-done, overdue blog entries. I'll probably set them free at the end of the summer and assign a retroactive date.