Up and running!

Getting a third instance of Ghost up and running took way too long, but at least I learned about npm cache clean, I guess.

Assuming I don't abandon this blog, expect day-to-day updates on what I'm working on. I'll also put up photos of paintings and tidbits that don't go in the main portfolio.

Current Project List

(In no significant order)

  • Ali's Christmas Gift (yes, from 2014; don't judge. He got his Valentine's day gift on time...)
  • Still Life: The Super Blue Absinthe One
  • Starry Night Chair
  • More. Dead. Birds.
  • The House Painting.

Also, expect a new theme, perhaps?

I don't have a comments section because I don't really want to set up Disqus, but @alice_young9 gets at me pretty well.